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  • You will complete your community service hours only at the worksites and times assigned by Community Corrections Office.   You will be required to work your Community Service in at least 2 hour blocks of time.  You will be required to work a minimum of 8 hours a month until all hours are completed.

  • If you are contacted by the Community Corrections office and make a commitment or agreement to a work assignment and fail to show or contact this office it will be counted as an unexcused absence and could result in a loss of previous hours worked.

  • Work hours scheduled between you and the worksite supervisor cannot be altered without their prior approval. You must notify the worksite supervisor if you are unable to be there on time.  If you are later then one hour you will be given an unexcused absence.

  • Offenders will use the worksite signin/signout procedure.  Community Service credit will not be given for hours that are undocumented.  TimeSheets will be picked up by the Jamestown Community Corrections Staff.  TimeSheets brought to the Jamestown Community Corrections Office by Offenders will not be counted as hours worked.

  • It will be considered as a worksite infraction if you report to a worksite under the influence of drugs or alcohol or the use of drugs or alcohol while completing community service. Offenders will not leave the worksite during scheduled work hours without the supervisor’s permission.  

  • Report to work clean, dressed appropriately for the work environment and weather conditions. 

  • If arrangements have been made for you to be picked up you must be ready at the set time. The driver will not wait for you and it will be an unexcused absence.

  • You will perform all duties assigned and follow the directions of the worksite Supervisor.  If you have questions about the assigned duties ask the worksite Supervisor.  Notify your worksite supervisor if your assigned duties are beyond your physical abilities or against doctor orders.  If you are sent home for worksite infractions you may not get credit for the hours.

  • You are not allowed to have visitors at the worksites.  Cell phones and Personal Music Players are not allowed on worksites without worksite Supervisor approval.  Having visitors or making personal phone calls will be considered a worksite infraction.  Personal phone calls can only be made during scheduled breaks.

  • All hours must be completed and fees paid before your court appointed deadline.  A letter of noncompliance will be sent to the appropriate court for 2 unexcused absences or 2 worksite infractions or any worksite safety violation or not completing your hours or paying the required fees.  

  • A Monthly Extension Fee of $30.00 will be charged if a letter of noncompliance is sent to the Court for each month that Community Service is performed.  All fees must be paid before community service hours can be worked.   

I have read & understand the above policies and my questions have been answered.



_____  Additionally, I understand that my personal information may be used in the future as a part of a research study.